Decorative Landscape Borders
Decorative Landscape Borders

Texturing process

We feel that our stamping process is the only way to texture landscape borders. While others may simply "roll a texture" into colored concrete, we use the same process that is used for larger projects like patios, driveways, etc... The use of color hardener on top of the border creates better impressions, vibrant colors, and adds strength. We use only quality Brickform products in all of our stamped concrete.

After the concrete has been extruded and trowel finished, the chosen color hardener is applied in the form of a slurry. This will serve as the the primary color of the finished product. (All of our stamped borders have color throughout the concrete)



The color hardener is then troweled onto the border

Next, a release agent is applied over the hardener. The release agent serves two purposes. The first is to prevent the texturing tools from sticking to the hardener as well as creating the second color.

The chosen texture is then rolled into the border.


Control joints are then cut into the border.


Excess release powder is washed away.




The final step is to seal the border with a quality UV concrete sealer

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