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2021 Border pricing


Most of our border projects are priced by the linear foot. The following is our 2023 border pricing. Please keep in mind, every project has variables that can affect the cost, and the following should only be used for general pricing inquiries.


Prep fees generally run $2/lf  This includes sod removal, rock or mulch “pushback” or a combination of both as well as steele edging removal and disposal. There is an additional $50 fee for sod disposal.

If your NEW yard looks like this one, then there will not be any additional prep fees. Just make sure its flat, level, and any loose ground is compacted.


Mower style runs $6/lf

It can be installed in plain grey or with integral color.


Angle style also runs $6/lf

It can also be installed as plain grey, integral color, or stamps and textures can be added.



Our curb style runs $6.50/lf, available in plain grey or color

Adding color to any of our borders run $1.50/lf. This also includes a 25% solids cure and seal sealer for UV protection. See our color chart for available colors



Adding stamps and textures runs $2/lf. See our Stamp & Textures page for details.


Our 6x8 Commercial curb runs $9.75/lf 

This style of border works well around play areas or where additional height is needed. 

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