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Retaining Walls

Have a slope that needs taming?  We can help. Modern, engineered wall systems have been designed to perform. We have been installing the Allan Block system for more then 12 years now without a single call back or failure.  

Some slopes are cool. They provide natural support for water features and add dimension to lots. On the other hand, it's no fun to constantly have your stuff roll away because your backyard is just a big hill. Level off part of the natural slope and support it with an attractive retaining wall. If you have a serious incline, turn it into several flat levels. You can even add some stairs to go from place to place, or incorporate a new paver patio.


Landscape retaining walls make an excellent focal point in your yard. The beauty and flexibility that retaining walls offer can add dimension, depth, and wonder to any outdoor setting.

As a certified Allan Block installer, we have obtained additional training directly through the manufacture in all aspects of installing the Allan Block product. We build all our walls the "right way". Never cutting corners or taking short cuts. We use engineering when necessary and reinforcement when required and always build per manufactures requirements.

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Certifed Allan Block Installer

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